Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) announces expanded simulator platforms, branches, and aircraft.


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AV-8B (Milviz/Razbam)

C-2/E-2 (Dino TacPack)

F-14B (Aerosoft TacPack)

F-35B/C (Dino TacPack)

F/A-18E (VRS TacPack)

MH-60S (AlphaSim/CeraSim)

MV-22B (Maryadi)

UH-1 (Milviz TacPack)

DCS 2.5 Openbeta

AV-8B (Razbam)

F-14B (Heatblur Simulations)

F/A-18C (Eagle Dynamics)

UH-1H (Eagle Dynamics)


C-12 (Carenado/Flight1)

C-40 (PMDG)

C-130T (P3D/Captain Sim)

P-8 (PMDG TacPack)


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catccFounded by a Navy ATC Senior Chief, the VUSN is proud to be an innovator in live CATCC services to Virtual Naval Aviators.

TacPack Enabled

AGM 65EFleet pilots with the VUSN experience the effects of near real weapons with the use of VRS TacPack.

Automated PIREP System

VUSN Pilots experience hassle free PIREP submission with the use of the custom built VUSN ATAMS system.

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