Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) announces expanded simulator platforms, branches, and aircraft.


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Welcome to the Virtual United States Navy (VUSN) and your opportunity to learn and enjoy virtual naval aviation at it’s finest. The VUSN was established in December 1999 with the goal of affording opportunities for fellow simmers that enjoy naval aviation. Membership is open to mature individuals (at least 21 years of age) of any nationality and our membership currently covers many time zones. You must have Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 (P3D v4) and select an aircraft in the VUSN Fleet operations. After you have successfully completed training and entered the Fleet, you may also use FSX-A, FSX-SE, P3D, or X-Plane if you only wish to participate in Reserve FLSW operations.

The VUSN was built on the philosophy of setting the bar high while at the same time allowing pilots to enjoy our hobby of Naval Aviation simulation. Pilots joining the VUSN are given the opportunity to choose between Active Duty Navy or Naval Reserves. By providing alternative pipelines for our pilots, the pilot has the opportunity to choose what level of participation and commitment fits their schedule and desire best.

The VUSN is designed for an active multiplayer participant and requires a certain amount of flight time per month. Given the amount of missions available at any given time, you can certainly fly much more than required. If you're serious about flight simulation, want to experience virtual naval aviation at its finest, and you are willing to be a dedicated part of our team, then click on the Enlist Today poster to read more and complete your enlistment application. We look forward to your participation and new friendship.



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C-2/E-2 (Dino TacPack)

CMV-22B (Maryadi)

F/A-18E (VRS TacPack)

F-35C (Dino TacPack)

MH-60S (AlphaSim/CeraSim)


F/A-18C (Eagle Dynamics)

F-14B (Heatblur Simulations)

AV-8B (Razbam)

UH-1H (Eagle Dynamics)


C-12 (Carenado/Flight1)

C-40 (PMDG)

C-130T (Captain Sim)

P-8 (PMDG TacPack)


MP Missions/Events

There are no up-coming events


catccFounded by a Navy ATC Senior Chief, the VUSN is proud to be an innovator in live CATCC services to Virtual Naval Aviators.

TacPack Enabled

AGM 65EFleet pilots with the VUSN experience the effects of near real weapons with the use of VRS TacPack.

Automated PIREP System

VUSN Pilots experience hassle free PIREP submission with the use of the custom built VUSN ATAMS system.

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