VUSN Seal WingedHow to become a Virtual Naval Aviator

It is essential that you have a working knowledge of the follow in order to be successful in starting with the VUSN. The VUSN flies strictly ONLINE on either VATSIM or FSX Multiplayer Server. It is imperative that you understand and have the following programs setup prior to joining.

Required before enlistment: 
• FSX-A or P3D v3 installed and operational for ALL Fleet Pilots
• FSX, P3D or X-Plane may be used by Reserve Pilots
• FSINN OR vPILOT OR SQUAWKBOX installed and ready for Internet connection
• FSUPIC (Free is fine)
• Working knowledge of VATSIM and VATSIM operations
• Knowledge of installing Aircraft, Scenery, and other add-ons

NOTE: It is not the purpose of VUSN to give tutorials on FSINN, VATSIM, Firewalls, etc, but to immerse the advanced pilot/computer user in Naval aviation.

Next step is to choose your pipeline with the VUSN. We offer two options, Naval Reserves and Active Duty Fleet. Here is some more details of each option:

Naval Reserve Pilot Pipeline
The VUSN Naval Reserves consist of squadrons within the Fleet Logistics Support Wing (FLSW). These squadrons fly the C-12, C-40, C-130, P-8, and UC-12W aircraft in support of Fleet operations. Naval Reserve pilots will complete a short Fleet Readiness Training Program (FRTP) to ensure all systems are working correctly. FRTP is required to be completed within sixty (60) days of enlistment. FRTP and all subsequent missions will be flown on VATSIM, thus requiring FSInn, vPilot, or Squawkbox to connect to the VATSIM network.

The duties associated with the FLSW are to conduct passenger and cargo mission is support of the Active Fleet. Generally the missions will be 1-2 hour flights, with initial flights conducted within the CONUS. Once the general CONUS support missions are completed, pilots will be provided the opportunity to plan their own missions around the world to and from military bases.

The requirements of the FLSW are to complete at least one (1) mission every 30 days. Pilots not meeting this requirement will be automatically placed on Inactive Status. The pilot must complete at least one (1) mission within the next thirty (30) days to remain in the VUSN.

Active Duty Fleet Pilot Pipeline
The VUSN Active Duty Fleet provides for a variety of MULTIPLAYER participation opportunities. VUSN Fleet pilots utilize the payware VRS TacPack add-on weapons system which is REQUIRED. These squadrons currently fly the payware VRS F/A-18E, Aerosoft/Cerasim MH-60S, or Virtavia V-22 aircraft; however, as other third party aircraft are fully integrated with TacPack we will be adding those as they become available. Because of the use of TacPack, all combat missions will be conducted on the VUSN Multiplayer Server. Some general cross county and weapons training mission may be conducted on VATSIM, so as to provide an opportunity to interact with ATC. This visibility on the VATSIM network also provides for recruiting opportunities by “flying” the VUSN flag while operating online.

Active Duty pilots will complete five (5) or seven (7) mission FRTP Training Program to ensure general competency with handling the aircraft, navigation, weapons systems, and carrier operations. The FRTP provides a structured training environment where each mission is reviewed for compliance with procedures before moving on to the next training mission. FRTP is required to be completed within sixty (60) days of enlistment.

Once the pilot completes FRTP, the pilot will be assigned to a Fleet RAG squadron. The purpose of the RAG squadron is to provide additional training and a Fleet evaluation process whereas the pilot has several missions to fly to ensure the pilot is Deployment Ready. The pilot will interact with squadron COs to help answer questions and to provide some additional hands-on assistance.

At such time the pilot has completed the RAG squadron missions the pilot will be transferred to the Active Duty Fleet squadron to step up to the next level and participate in Deployment activities. Transferring to deployment status provides the pilot a GREAT opportunity to conduct combat missions around the world with other Fleet pilots. While not released yet, once FSX@War (a TacPack theater simulation tool) is released the VUSN will be evaluating its use to simulate theater operations with multiple mission targets and scenarios. These missions may also require flying with other Fleet pilots to successfully complete the assigned mission due to the amount of opposing forces (e.g., SAM sites, Red Air, etc.).

So if after reading this introduction you feel you have the drive, determination and commitment then click on the WINGS OF GOLD (below) to begin earning your right to becoming a Virtual Naval Aviator with the VUSN.

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