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How to become a Virtual Naval Aviator


The VUSN conducts all operations using DCS 2.5 Openbeta on our own DCS Dedicated Multiplayer Servers. Our pilots utilize the payware Eagle Dynamics F/A-18C, Heatblur F-14B, Razbam AV-8B, or Eagle Dynamics UH-1H aircraft; however, as other naval aviation aircraft become available and fully integrated within DCS we will be adding those as well.

Active Duty pilots will complete several training missions to ensure general competency with handling the aircraft, navigation, weapons systems, and carrier operations. Once completed, you will be assigned to your Fleet squadron and begin flying and training with other squadron pilots. You will be able interact with squadron pilots to help answer questions and to provide some additional hands-on assistance.

So, if after reading this introduction you feel you have the drive, determination and commitment then click on the WINGS OF GOLD (below) to begin earning your right to becoming a Virtual Naval Aviator with the VUSN.





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